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T h e  F i r s t  E T F  M e m b e r s h i p  N F T ™  G a l l e r y 

Welcome to the ARTHOUZE Gallery!

Your exclusive ETF Membership NFT ™ to the world of NFTs

  • The ARTHOUZE Gallery is a digital membership NFT gallery that selectively aquires international NFTs.
  • Through AI support and fundamental analysis we are building a steadily growing, lucrative and exclusive NFT portfolio for our members.
  • The limited number of the ETF membership NFT ™ offers you an increase in value through unique opportunities in the exciting future of the NFT market.

This makes the ARTHOUZE Gallery membership unique for you:

  • Personal access to the community gallery

  • Innovative individual use of the gallery via NFT playlists
  • Participation in creative and attractive raffles & events
  • Priority access to new NFT projects
  • Saleability of your ETF Membership NFT ™ in online exchanges

  • The number of the ETF Membership NFT ™ is limited to 10000

  • An ETF Membership NFT ™ is conveniently available in $, € and ETH, via Credit Card and PayPal